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Airline passengers will be protected from "hidden" fees on flight tickets under government plans for a crackdown on unexpected charges.
Additional charges for booking fees, seat reservations, luggage and leg room that do not become apparent until later on in the booking process are to be considered in a new aviation strategy from the Department for Transport.
Other controversial charges, such as for name changes on tickets, will also be considered under plans to make fees more clear at the time of booking.
For example, Ryanair charges a fee of £115 to change a name on a booking online, or £160 at the airport.
EasyJet charges £47 for a name change within 60 days of a flight if done online, or £52 via their call centre. It is free to correct a spelling mistake.
Airlines have denied that their charges are hidden.
Under government plans, airlines could be required to present costs in a transparent way and review their charges if they are deemed to be excessive, The Times reported.
According to a study last year, 66 of the world's biggest airlines made £33 billion via fees - amounting to nearly 10 per cent of their total income.
Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said: “When passengers book flights, they can sometimes be hit with additional charges over and above the original quoted flight cost.

“The DfT puts passengers at the heart of everything we do and we want to ensure people have as much information as possible when making decisions over which flight to book.

“Through our Aviation Strategy, we will explore ways to improve and enhance the information available, so passengers can make well-informed decisions before deciding who to fly with.” 
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