5 people injured by 'white female active shooter wearing a headscarf' inside YouTube's California headquarters

Read the report from Daily Mail and TMZ below...
At least five people have been injured in a shooting at YouTube's HQ in San Bruno, California by a shooter who was reportedly female.

Four or five patients have been taken to Stanford hospital and 'multiple' have gone to San Francisco General Hospital but it is not yet clear how many have been injured.

A worker from Carl's Jr. next door to the campus said one woman was shot in the parking lot and was brought into the restaurant to be cleaned up.
Another witness reported seeing one woman being shot dead in the courtyard outside YouTube.
'It did not stop. There was no mercy,' the witness told Fox News.

Police are yet to confirm any injuries or fatalities. ABC reports that the shooter is a white woman wearing a dark top and a headscarf.
They reportedly fired at least 20 shots, according to an unnamed law enforcement source.

It remains unclear if the shooter has been apprehended by police or if they are even still alive.
TMZ report below...
There's an active shooter at YouTube Headquarters in Northern California and, according to police dispatch audio, the alleged suspect is a female who's been shot in the chest.

In the audio, you hear an officer note there's a woman down with a gunshot wound to her chest. Another voice on the dispatch mentions the woman is the suspect and the first officer gets back on dispatch to confirm there's a handgun near the alleged suspect's body.

Police are still on scene at the San Bruno, CA headquarters. At least 37 people have been injured and transported to nearby hospitals. Cops have advised people to steer clear.

At least 1 employee tweeted he heard gunshots and saw people running while he was sitting at his desk. He also said he barricaded inside a room with co-workers before tweeting he had been evacuated.
YouTube's headquarters houses nearly 2,000 employees.
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