[A Must See] Checkout These “10 Lazy Nigerian Youths That Are Millionaires”

Some days ago, President Buhari blasted Nigerian Youths, described them as “Lazy Youths” and ever since, Nigerians have poured out their mind bitterly.

Nigerians found it extremely shocking that President Buhari could go on Live TV to disgrace his country to the world.

Nigerians were looking up to him to properly present our potential to the global business community, but rather he messed the youths up…

Well, Chuks, a popular vlogger compiled the List of “10 Lazy Nigerian Youths That Are Millionaires” for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, if being Lazy makes one become a Millionaire like the people on the list, Nigerians make we dey lazy dey go oooo 

Watch the Video below

Thank you all for watching!

It’s a brand new week guys, don’t let anyone discourage you – you are stronger than you know.

May God bless every Nigerians striving tirelessly to become better whether young or old- we shall not labor in vain 

We love you all.
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