chect out this natural cure for bad breath.(mouth odour) and tooth decay.

what is natural health cure all about? natural health cure is all about using natural measure to cure some certain illness or health problems, today we will be talking about bad breath and tooth decay.

what is bad breath?: bad breath or halitotosis, refers to mouth condition, which we have to deal with from time to time. halitosis consist of an unpleasant smell, which can originate from mouth, throat or digestive system. acidic breath indicate a diabetic condition. 

causes of bad breath and tooth decay.
1. poor dental hygiene
2. food lodged between the teeth
3. gum decay.
4. tooth decay
5. smoking
6. chewing tobacco
7. drinkig.

herbal cure for bad breath. and tooth decay.
Brush your mouth two times a day. in the morning and in the evening before you sleep, you dont brush horizontally as most people do. Brush vertically up and down. you should brush your tongue as well. any time you eat,make use of tooth pick to remove food particles that lodge in between the teeth. But make sure you dont pick too hard to avoid injuring your gum. Once in a while wash with lime juice. (liquid from lime ) it kills bacteria in the mouth that causes mouth odour or tooth decay.
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