First Set Of Coca-Cola “Score A Trip To Russia” Promo Revealed

The three winners of the “Score a Trip to Russia” promo by Coca-Cola were revealed as the first set of winners who will be enjoying an all-expense paid trip to Russia 2018.
The winners caught in awe and excitement expressed their appreciation to Coca-Cola.

Now, you know Coca-Cola is not playing when they say you only need to buy a bottle of Coke to appear in Russia to experience the FIFA World Cup Tournament later in June this year.

Coca-Cola will be revealing more winners to go to Russia 2018 weekly. So it’s time to go buy a bottle of Coke and get the code under the crown.

Text the code to 5453 and follow the SMS responses that you will get. It’s that easy to go watch the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

We have nineteen more slots for winners who will be going to Russia 2018… and you can be one of them!

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