How to choose a career

Many people have failed to realize their potential as a result of a result of myopic sightedness or inability to see beyond their nose. This problem could be resolved if a person has found his or her potential.
Always remember That every individual has his or her own self concept. What do we mean? This is nothing but the Ability of an individual to know about him or herself To the core without somebody else telling him or her of whom he or she is and by that positive benefit academically.

Let take it from students in secondary school that are about to go to the higher institution, Because this is were the problem started from every individual. 
Many students have been having problems on the choice of subject which lure them to become that which they want to become in future. For instance, a student who wants to become an engineer But knows nothing about Introductory technology in his Junior secondary school will find it very difficult to comprehend subject like physics in when he or she get to senior secondary class, or a student who wants to become an accountant Banker but knows nothing about business study will equally find it difficult to comprehend matters too with account or book keeping when he or she gets to the senior secondary class. Or is it a that wants to become a lawyer or journalist, but not good at social studies in his or her junior secondary class, will find it difficult to go along with government or civic education in the senior 
secondary class. My dear student endaviour to know where you are or can fit in. 

Before choosing any Course you want to read in future you are advise to put the following into consideration.
1). Trait factor: it simply means your natural gift , your inborn potentials and your talent. Please this is a very important factor to consider because it brings out the best in you. 
2). Self factor : this simply means what you kin interest on and love area, don't joke with what you have passion in doing, let take from example now. You love mathematics so much but but you don't love to be a science student because maybe you hate chemistry or physics . But do you know of that you can study industrial mathematics in your higher ? Yes you can dear. So develop your passion and put it also into consideration. 
3). Resource factor : Here we are talking about the availability of the training institution and the trainers 
4). Economic factor : you should put into consideration the cost of training and establishment lucrativeness 
5). Social factor : talking about social values, respect and regard for such career ,religion and cultural acceptability .

Note these:
1). Choice of subject or course leads to choice of career .
2). Make a better choice at the beginning.
3). Don't work against your interest course of study.

And above all work hard hard on yourself and what you have passion for, believe in yourself and and loose hope, you might not get it right in the beginning but as time goes and you keep on trying and working towards your career it will eventually work out for. 
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