Let’s Talk!! Should A Man Date If He Is Still Struggling With His Finances?

Hi Guys,

The issue at hand today looks so ordinary but when it’s examined deeply, one will really understand the gravity.
As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons “Oyinbo” say, It’s not easy to be a man. Even the ladies cannot argue this. The topic of discussion today actually made me recall the story of a friend.

Wale was raised by a single parent, his mother to be precise. He had to struggle for everything back then in school.

When we had all our finances sorted out by our parents, Wale is always a part-time worker at a block industry closer to our school back-gate just to get small cash to eat and settle some minor school bills.

Time went by, he got himself involved in a relationship with a girl in school. They were so much in love that the girl doesn’t even care about the fact that Wale was struggling with his finances. At some point, the girl will be the one to assist him if hurriedly in need.

To cut the long story short, Wale’s girlfriend started bringing up funny attitude which was in sharp contrast to what we knew her for.

She started hiding, ignore her boyfriend’s call every time. All Wale’s effort to see and talk her out proved abortive not until exam day when we saw in a car, heavily pregnant en route to her department.

We got another close friend to go ask her why she decided to dump our friend. She confessed that she never meant to leave Wale, all her plan was to cheat on him with a guy that can give her the relationship experience she wanted but mistakenly got pregnant.

As a man, we can’t deny that fact that some financial responsibilities are attached to being in a relationship.

Does it make any sense for a man struggling with his finances to go into a relationship

Broke niggas should respect themselves, hustle hard to get a steady income before even thinking of dating?
Let’s have your thoughts on this!!
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