My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama! (5) Finale

The cries of the baby woke me up that Saturday morning. It had been another restless night of tossing and turning before I finally fell asleep around four o'clock. It had been that way since I packed out of Tee's house. I was having problems sleeping at night, with thoughts of him intruding in my sleep.

"What's it, my darling boy? You hungry?" I said, turning to draw him to me on the bed. "Always cranky in the morning! Just like your Daddy!" I teased him, pinching his chubby, adorable cheeks. He stopped crying and grinned at me, exposing his few, tiny baby teeth.

The door opened then and Madam J, his nanny came in. She slept on a small foldable bed we had set up for her along the passage as there was no spare room in the two bedroom apartment.

"Change him while I make his food," I instructed, heading for the kitchen.

While Madam J was feeding Runo, I put on a kettle to make a cup of ginger and honey tea for myself. It was my favourite morning drink.

I was sipping the tea with relish when Ronke walked in, yawning loudly.
Her eyes were ringed with dark circles from the mascara and eyeliner from the previous day's make up.
"Morning Mena. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry!" she said, opening and inspecting the fridge.
Ronke loved to eat but hated cooking. "Can't stand the heat of the kitchen!" she often joked.
"There's noodles and some of the rice from last night," I said, opening a pot on the stove.
She settled for the noodles so I put some water in a pot to boil for it while I chopped the carrots and other vegetables to garnish it.

As we ate, we discussed our plans for the day. We were attending a party that night, in the Magodo area of the city. It was the birthday party of a friend of Kola who would be picking us up later.
"What are you wearing? I'm going to wear that my body con dress, the blue one. When I land that party, dem go know say Ronke don arrive!" she said in pidgin English.

I laughed.
"Ronkus baby! You too much!" I hailed her, dropping my fork to high five her.
She gave a crooked smile then noting my seeming lack of interest stated wryly:

"Seems I'm the only one excited about the party. You used to be a party freak, Mena. Now, not so much."

I shrugged before stating:
"I'm a mother now. With responsibilities to my baby. I'm not as free as a bird in the big, blue sky anymore."
She stared at me keenly for a while.
"I don't think that's the main reason. Afterall, you have a nanny to help take care of Runo," she said, pausing. "You miss him, don't you?" she added.

I knew who she meant. I dropped my fork and just stared blankly at my plate of noodles.
Ronke and I had known for years and she could read me like a book. I could not pretend to her.

"I do. Very much. But what can I do?" I said, plaintively, suddenly close to tears.
"You can talk to him. Let him know how you feel. Seeing how you are hurting over him is painful to watch. Please Mena, see him and sort things out with him," she implored.

"Thanks for your concern, Ronke. But things are not as straightforward as that between Tee and I. All he wanted was a baby from me. Nothing more. He's got that now. He doesn't need anything else from me," I said, remembering his words on the morning after we spent the night together, on the need to stay focused.

I was going to do that even if it meant a broken heart that I knew was going to take forever to mend.

By nine, we were dressed and ready for the party. Kola had arrived much earlier and he remained in the sitting room watching TV while Ronke and I got dressed

"You look sweet, Mena!" Kola declared admiringly when I entered the parlour. I wore a short, fitted maroon dress with spagz straps that left my upper body bare.
I swirled round in front of him like a model, smiling at him.

He got up, picked the remote of the sound system and the room soon filled with music. He held my hand and we began to sway to the music.

"I see the fun is starting already," said Ronke, walking into the room, moving her body to the rhythm.

"You kept us waiting so we had to keep busy," I told her.

Shortly after, we left for his car parked by the roadside outside the house gates. Kola was opening the car door when another vehicle drove up, parking behind us.

The door opened and Tee emerged, walking quickly to where we stood. My heart beat fast at the sight of him, at his unexpected arrival.

"You girls are going somewhere?" he asked, giving me an inscrutable look before turning his gaze to Ronke.
"Long time, Ronke? How have you been?" he greeted, smiling at her.
"I'm doing good, as you can see," she responded, striking a pose.

"Mena, can I..." he started to say when Kola called out through the car window.
"Come on, girls, we're running late!"

"I want to see you Mena. We need to talk," said Tee.
"As you can see, Ronke and I are going out,"I told him coldly.

Ronke took my hand and dragged me a short distance away.

"What are you doing, Mena? He wants to see you. So, go find out what he wants," she advised.
"What about Kola? I can't leave him just like that!" I said. I was torn between the two though my heart knew where it wanted to go.
"Don't worry about him. I'll sort it out with him. Just go," she said, almost pushing me in Tee's direction.
We got into his car, thinking we would talk there. To my surprise, he started the car and drove quickly away.
"Where are we going?" I asked, looking back to see Kola and Ronke standing by his car, talking...
As it turned out, we ended up at his place. Inside the house, I sat on the couch, impatiently waiting for him to be done so I could join my friends.

He did not seem to be in a hurry though as he sat observing me for a while until I burst out:
"What's it you wanted to say that couldn't wait? I have a party to attend, you know!"

"Has it come to that? That you would choose going to a party to spending time with me? Besides, I remember telling you specifically that I don't want to see you with that man anymore!" he said.

I gave him a sneering look.
"And who are you to tell me what and what not to do? You're not my husband so you can't dictate to me!" I was getting angry with him, with his domineering ways, always trying to control me, caging me...

"Is that why you moved out of the house? Because I'm not your husband? Then let's do something about that," he said.
I looked at him, puzzled.

"Do what?"

"Marry. Let's get married, Mena. So, we can be fully together," he said calmly.

It was the last thing I expected to hear from him and for a moment I was lost for words.

"I don't understand. We have a 'deal' remember? You specifically told me sometime ago that that was all there is between us. Nothing more," I reminded him.
He came over and sat by me.

"Look, Mena. I'm sorry. I know I should have been more open with you from the beginning. But I was scared. Of loving you and losing you like I lost my late wife. You were there and you saw everything at that time, my pain and sorrow.

Even now, the pain of her death is still there, making it difficult for me to love someone else.
Despite that, I became attracted to you and eventually fell for you," he confessed.

He was revealing so many things that I was finding it difficult keeping up. He loved me? He's in love with me? Then...

"What about the 'deal' for the baby then?" I asked.

"I did it for the same reason I was afraid of loving again. I was scared of remarrying and losing a loved one again. I could not take another blow like that. So, I just wanted a baby so Michael could have a sibling. But being together with you all this while has made me realise there's no need for all these fears.

"I was going to tell you all these soon and propose. I just needed a little more time to sort out my feelings, to be certain I was fully ready. To let go of the past and hold on to the future.
Which is you, Mena," he said, placing his hand on my shoulder.

Was this for real? Tee really loves me and wants to marry me? So, it's not just a baby he wants from me afterall! My heart filled with joy and I relaxed a bit.

But I was still sceptical. What if those old fears returned and he let go of me again? I could not bear further rejection from him. It was just too painful.

"I'm sorry Tee. I can't do this anymore. I love you. Very much. But I can't trust you with my heart. You've broken it a couple of times already," I said firmly and got up.

"Where are you going?" he queried as I picked up my handbag and made for the door.

"Back to my friends."

"Please, Mena. Stay!" he said, gripping my hand. "You can't leave just like that! I need you, babe. What'll I do without you? Give me another chance please!"

But I flung his hand away and walked out the door, tears filling my eyes, nearly blinding me.
Outside, I walked down the front door steps, feeling with each step I took away from him as if my heart was being shredded in pieces.

At the last step, I swayed slightly and would have fallen but for strong hands that held me and steadied me on my feet.
I turned round and saw Tee looking down worriedly at me.

"Are you alright?" he asked with concern.

How can I be when I feel as if I'm dying, I nearly cried out.
I smiled weakly up at him and said softly:

"Tee, I can't do this anymore."
"You said so before," he stated.
I shook my head.
"Not that," I said. Then taking a deep breath, and looking at him with all the love I felt for him, said:
"What I mean is, I can't do without you! I love you and need you, more than anything else in the world! That is, if you still want me..."

"Mena!" he intoned, swiftly gathering me in his arms in a tight hug.

Then taking my hand, he led me inside the house.

There was no more need for words. For we were on the same page now.

Inside, he pinned me against the door, his eyes caressing me from head to toe.

"Have I told you how sexy you look tonight, babe?" he asked huskily. Then he lowered his head and claimed my lips in a deep kiss that left me shaken and hungry for him.
As his his hand fumbled with the zip of my dress, his mouth trailed down my throat to the cleavage of the gown. He slid down the flimsy straps and I was naked before him as I was not wearing a bra.
His eyes feasted on my breasts before they were replaced by his hot lips. The feel of his mouth against my nipples sent my senses reeling and I held him close, gasping as if for air.

"Tee, I love you so much!" I said, holding his head tight to my bosom.

"Love you too, my sweet Mena!"

Then, picking me up, he climbed up the staircase towards his room.

Then I remembered.

"Ronke and Kola will be waiting for me!"

"They will leave when they are tired of waiting," he said.
"And Runo! I need to go get our baby."

His hold on me tightened.
"Let him stay with his nanny. We'll pick him tomorrow. I want you all to myself. Tonight and always, babe!"
We got to his room and he closed the door and we were all alone in our own little world...
The End!

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