Question Of The Day:- How Long Should A Good Séx Last? 18+

WARNING: This Thread is for those above 18+ of Age.
This has been a question waiting for an answer for so long.. Many believe a good s*x must last for nothing less than 3hours.. No!
Sometimes, the time frame can be so short but the S*x is good and quality.. Sometimes it can be so long and ends up been a thrash.. No wonder some young and educated people don’t go for all this S*x energy booster, they believe their 1mins is quality and then some guys on the other hand believes you must take Alomo, Jedi, Mokole, Ogidiga and the likes to stay longer and impress the woman, my brother.. You’re a joker, major jokes on you.
From your Own point of view, How long should a good S*x last?
* 5 mins
* 10 mins
* 20 mins
* 1hr
* 1hr 30mins
* 2hrs

Drop your comments.
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