Question Of The Day: What News Did You Think Can Bring This Kind Of Joy To The Face Of Nigerians?

Hi Guys,If we won’t decieve ourselves, it’s not an easy thing to be a Nigerian. As Nigerians, it is in our constitution to wake up everyday and be angry about something.

Someone even said, compared to the abroad, it is hard to sell one’s soul to devil for riches and long life in Nigeria.

The whites will just sell their soul to the devil and they’ll live a rich long life. But in Nigeria, you will sell your soul to the devil and they will tell you, you must have sex with a mad person, use your private part then tell you that slippers is the only footwear you must wear to outings. LOL!!

So guys, check out the picture above and tell us the kind of news you think can make Nigerians happy like this;

For me: When Buhari is defeated 2019

Let Go!!!

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