Ryan Tedder Biography

Ryan Benjamin Tedder was born on 26th of June, 1979 . He was brought up by a religious family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He started playing piano at the age of three through a Suzuki method. His father was a musician, which was a plus point for Tedder. His father supported him a lot during his career depending upon the abilities he had. On the other hand, Ryan’s mother was a school teacher.

Ryan initiated singing at the age of seven which was so early to start a career. He practiced singing two hours daily till he reached the age of eighteen. He moved to Colorado with his family when he was in a high school and there he met the future members of One Republic. Today he is a well known front-man of a pop-rock band One Republic.

Further Ryan Tedder went to the Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. He continued paying full devotion to his musical skills while he was studying. He completed his graduation in 2001 in Public Relations and Advertising. He moved to Los Angeles after graduating.

The group OneRepublic came into being in 2002 with the contribution of Ryan Tedder’s mate Zach Filkins. As Ryan is a well known song writer, so he was offered to write the songs for well-known artists but he wanted to make his own career in singing and later became a lead artist. Although Ryan Tedder was also working with some other artists but in 2002 he worked with Timbaland and for the next two years he kept on working over there.

Ryan is blessed with the honour of being a writer of the two most played hits on the radio which are “Apologize” and “Bleeding love”. These songs were the heart throb smashing hits of the time. He gained a lot of fame through these tracks.

He is a singer, song writer, producer and multi instrumentalist at the same time. His work with the music is a proof of fully devoted heart who lives and works only on the rhythm beats. Ryan Tedder is the best paradigm of self made man. He is the most prolific singer, song writer and producer of his generation.

He also penned some popular songs for artists like Natasha Bedingfield, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, and Leona Lewis. Some of his most popular songs are “The Look”, “Gravity”, “Not To Love You”, “Say Goodbye”, “Nobody” and “Everything”. However “Apologize” was the first hit single of the album “One Republic”. By the time One Republic released their debut album “Dreaming Out Loud” in November 2012, “Apologize” had set the ground before by breaking down all the previous records of the most played song on radio.

Ryan Tedder is an American Grammy award winner producer and song writer. Moving forward from their album “Dreaming Out Loud”, the group entered the next project which was “Waking Up”. Their love was to create music and never wanted to give up for it. Tedder’s motto was not only to please and entertain people but his goal was also to provide mental satisfaction to himself for what he does.

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