Sean Kingston Biography

Sean Kingston whose real name is Kisean Anderson is an American Jamaican rapper, song writer and singer. He was born on 3rd February, 1990 and is 23 years old. He was born in the city of Miami, Florida. He moved onto Jamaica when he was six years old and started living there with his grandfather.

His grandfather was a Jamaican Reggae producer name jack Ruby. Her mother once was arrested for identity theft and Kingston had to live in a car for three weeks until her mother completed her trail. At the age of 11 years Kingston himself spent three weeks in jail when he was convicted of burglary.

He later on started working on music and started posting his work online. He was hired and signed by Tommy Roten and started working along him. He was recognized for his talent and was given a chance to do his own song. So he released his first song in 2007 by the name of “beautiful girls”. This song became a hit and scored highest position on the hot 100 chart. He did opening acts for many artists including Gwen Stefani and BeyoncĂ©.

His album “Tomorrow” was released in 2009 and was produced by many big producers of the industry. In this album his already released and famous songs were also included. He also co-wrote the songs of many singers including Jason Derulo and Sugababes in 2010.

He started working on his new projects and upcoming album in the later year, its single was named “Dumb Love”. The idea of the single was taken from the old songs of 60s. In 2010 he worked with Justin Bieber for the rapping of his song. The song named Eenie Meenie did not go up to the mark and gained disapproval form the fans and other rappers. After that he worked with Irena Cara, Nicki Minaj and others.

He performed internationally in 2010 youth Olympic Games and represented America in the theme song. In February 2013 he released a mix tape by the name of King of Kingz. This album was available for free download on the internet for everybody. This mix tape has many famous singers singing in with Kingston himself.

He is actively doing another project for his mix tapes which released in 2010. He was working with Justin Bieber on this one and it contained almost 13 songs. His recent announcement was that he would be giving out his new album called “Back 2 Life”. He said that he would be doing all the songs of this album again and would produce them in a better form then before.

He has performed on various shows and concerts and most of them have gotten hit. He once urged the teens of the world to do positive things for their countries and made a club to promote it as well. He went for skiing on holidays in 2011 where he tripped and had an accident. He got injured but soon recovered.
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