Shaving off the pubic hair is harmful to our health read explanation by an expert

Dr. arikawe adeola, has issue some warning to those who love shaving there pubic hair.
dr. adeola who issued the advice in abuja ,that it is better to trim the hair than to shave off completely
because shaving it off completely can expose the skin to some bacteria infection.

he also added that the pubic hair serve a major purpose of providing some level of cushioning for the individual, especially during sexual activities, it prevent the skin from rubbing another and causing abrasion.
when you completely shave off the pubic hair it re-grows in a slanted fashion with tip and sometimes growing into the pubic skin, which might eventually cause a crack open in the skin.

the crack are usually small which can not be visible to the naked eyes but due this crack and loss of integrity of the skin at that level, there is increased due to the skin to skin contact.

He advised that individual who are bothered about the lack of hygiene due to grown pubic hair should consider trimming the best option rather than complete shaving of the hair

These small cracks can not be seen by the naked eyes but they wide enough for the micro organisms to get into the body.
Also adding that because the pubic area is always moist, this serve as breeding ground for organisms like bacteria.
Dr. adeola said that trimming the pubic hair would also help to reduce the risk of having sexually transmitted disease (STD), which can also be when fluid from an infected partner come in contact with the pubic area.
According to him, if the partner is already infected, the virus in the semen can easily pass through the skin of the other to infect the individuals.

He said that this infection is mostly caused by a virus known as molluscum Contagiosum, adding that they had been several increase of such incident of such infection in the hospital.

It is a viral infection that is also categories as an STD. It affects the skin and it does not need any treatment. Usually after a couple of weeks or months the symptoms disappears form the body by themselves.

There is also an increase risk of contacting other STDs such as HIV, hepatitis, genital warts by shaving off the pubic hair. Review by Dr. Adeolu.
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