The Lumineers Biography

The Lumineers are a folk band of America. They are also specialized in rock folk type. The band contains six members. The members are Stelth Ulvang, Wesley Schultz, Neyla Pekarek, Ben Wahamaki and Jeremiah Fraites.Where Schultz and Fraites are the founders along with the song writers of this band. They also are the lead vocalists and drummers respectively. Ulvang is the pianist and Wahamaki is the bassist.

They started career in 2005 when they started writing for the band and started performing in public at New Jersey. After that the other band members joined them one by one andthe band expanded. Their first debut album was released in 2012 by the Dualtane Records and earned the Platinum certificate due to its success in public.

The band is based in Colorado these days and they head their projects from that place. Their songs “Ho Hey” were a success from the album and they were nominated for the Grammy awards. Their album received so much success as it was regarded as a unique and cultured one. It was said to have a scent of country and folk music in the lyrics which made it very popular in the folk lovers.

The band is said to work on very simpler principles and is a simple one too. Their music is inspired by the Guns N roses, Talking Heads, Beethoven and Bruce Springsteen. They try to follow their footsteps but have a unique identity of their own. The band started to came into view after they begin performing on the concerts. Since 2011 they have been to many concerts and tours. Their concerts are mostly all sold out before the timings and all the shows were also sold out in the 2012.

Their most famous single “Hey Ho” only sold more than 2 million copies of it alone which is a very big record by a folk band. The band’s fame reached the walls of Britain as well and they performed in England also. Their song landed on the top spots in the UK charts also.

They have been continuously performing since and all of their shows in 2013 till now were also sold out. They are working on new songs and new projects and are expected to come up with their second album later in the year 2013.

The reason of constructing the band was the death of the friend of the pioneer of the band Jeremiah. They started singing and writing after their frienddied of the over dose until their work was recognized and acclaimed by the music industry.

They play on Guitar, Piano, Mandolin and drums. The sound and music both include the folk flavor which adds richness to the songs. The reason behind the hit of this band is the hard work the members have put in the band along with the dedication with which they work on a project. The same is the reason which has gained them to get so much fame and to be one of the most selling folk bands.
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