The reasons for breakup marriages and dating relationships and also how to keep it smooth.

In our society today we have heard alot about broken marriages and some serious relationships that usually don't work out after along term dating. Now before we go into the main discussion we need discuss something very important. Firstly we need to know what marriage or dating relationships is all about.

What is Marriage?: marriage is a union between two different persons coming together from different families. Or the union between the two opposite sex as husband and wife. Though we now have same sex marriages but that's not what we are going to discuss here.

Now knowing the meaning of marriage which is also same as relationship in one way or the other, though relationship is all about dating which might eventually turn into marriage.
In any marriage or relationship they is what we called initial spark of marriage, meaning the fresh stages of marriage where the love is still fresh. We are going to talk about what kills this spark in marriage and also how you can keep it fresh and enjoy a romantic marriage and relationship forever. Now this are what we fail to do in our relationship and keep it fresh as you desire , I will be giving out some important point to help failed relationships to come back to it's sparking or fresh stage.
1). Respect:
Respect is one Of the major thing some people fail to do in there various marriage or dating relationships, as a woman or man always value each other and give yourselves the respect that is accorded to both matter who is the bread winner of the family because everyone has a duty to perform in one way or the other so value each and accord yourselves maximum respect.
2). Always acknowledge his or her efforts.:
Be it the man or the woman, everyone has a responsibility,because as long as marriage is concern no one is idle, even if you are a full time house wife you have a job, because it is not easy to take care of your spouse and house chores, and as the man his ass out day and night the office, as woman need to acknowledge his efforts and encourage him even if it's little he has. Because if you fail to do that then your relationship is bound to go on a rough edge. And also the man should also appreciate the wife. He should understand when she is tired and the woman should also understand when the man don't have any thing to provide.
3.Always plan together :
As spouse what ever u are going to do it should be brough to the notice of your partner, don't be too secretive, as it's said that two head is better than one, Make him or her part of your plans.
4.Accomodate each others flaws :
Yes everybody has his own flaws in one way or the other, because no body is a master of all, so learn to tolerate each other. Always be patient, don't be too quick to
Judge your partner, it is one of the reasons we have broken homes and some serious relationships are also broken, so always be accomodative and correct each other in good manners.
5).Don't compare your partner with some one else :
It is a very bad attitude to compare your spouse with someone else., Just Because Mr A always take his wife to work and open the door for her, you now compare your spouse with Mr A not knowing that mr A car has a faulty door and can only be open from the outside . So you see that not all you see, you will compare with your partner. And finally no marriage or relationship is perfect you have to work to make it perfect.
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