The truth about Facebook “BFF” has officially been revealed

People have been posting on Facebook about the latest Facebook feature of which people believed is designed for checking the vulnerability of an account, which is the “BFF” word. 
Normally, when you comment the word “BFF” on somebody’s post or even your post on Facebook, it will change to green which people believes that the account is confirmed secured but if it doesn’t change to green, it means the account isn’t secured. That’s a blatant lie and makes no sense.

The word “BFF” actually means “Best Friends Forever” and when you type the word as a comment on a Facebook post, it will produce a brief visual animation like two hands “high fiving” and when you tap on the “BFF” in the comment, it will produce the same hands “high fiving”. 
The feature was not invented by Mark Zuckerberg to check the security of your account. All are rumours and hoax. It’s just a falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade the truth.

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