what you don't know about nigeria Geographical zone

As a Nigerian citizen we ought to know our geographical zone, Because it's very important though we might take it for granted, but I must tell you that it's not good as a Nigerian not to know your geographical zone. Many of us only knows that Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, in land mass and also in terms of population but not many of us knows about our land mass in calculation.
Yes Nigeria is a country in West Africa. Nigeria shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the West, Chad and cameroun in the east and Niger Republic in the north. It's coast lies on the gulf of guinea in the south and it borders lake Chad to the north east. Noted geographical features in Nigeria include; the adamawa and his plateaus ,and the Niger river and Niger delta. The country geographical Co ordinates are 10 degree north, 8 degree east. The total area of nigeria is 923,768km square. Land mark up 910,768km square while take up to 13000km square. Nigeria total boundaries are 4,047km in length. The with Benin is 773km, that with Cameroon is 1,690km, Chad is 78km and Nigeria is 1,497km. Nigeria coastline is 853km.
Nigeria makes the following claims ; continental shelf: 200m depth or the depth of exploitation.
Exclusive economic :zone 200m
Territorial sea: 12m. The name Nigeria was given to our great country by Mrs. Flora Shaw in 1898. The word Nigeria came from river Niger.
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