2 Chainz Biography

2 Chainz whose real name is Tauheed Epps is an American recording artist, who specializes in hip hop. He was born on 12th September, 1977. His home town was Georgia. He attended school and had a music personality from the start. He participated in many competitions and won most of them.He played basketball and joined the high school team as well. He went onto joining Alabama State University after getting an athletic scholarship.

While studying in university Epps started working on his music and earned as a DJ also. Epps adopted the name of “Tity Boi” and started working on his projects. He released his album in 2002 by the name of “United we stand. United we fall”. His songs were aired on the radio and he started working towards his new projects.

Ludacris another rapper got to him and they worked on an album together. The debut album “Supply and Demand” was launched in 2007. They had a single named “Duffle Bag Boy” which became a huge hit. Both of them released their second album in 2009 by the name of “Flight 360: the takeoff”. After the release of this album Epps left the label to work on his own.

His name as “Tity Boi” was not much appreciated by the fans and was regarded as disrespecting for the women, so he changed his name again, this time to 2 Chainz. He thought that it was a friendly and family fun name. After that he released a mixed tape titled “T.R.U. Real”. This was his first mix tape and appeared on the top charts due to his good business. Along with his working he went for many concerts and made special guest appearances for various artists.

Eventually he worked o
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