6 Types Of Girls You Will Find In Nigeria Today (Guys, Get In Here To See)

Gone are those days when good girls were available in large number, now what we have are bad girls, and even the good ones can’t wait to get bad.The social media, internet and technology have not been of help as they are tools these girls majorly get updated like IOS every day.

Strange culture spring up from a far away country and before you say Makinde, the culture is trending already in Nigeria.

However, one thing unique about Nigeria is taking the culture to another level as in excessiveness ‘oversabi’ dey we blood.

So, in this age it is hard like $1 becoming N1 to find a good girl.

Below are the types of girls in Nigeria.

1. Slay Mama/ Slay Queen

In most cases, these are girls that are used to taking and uploading pictures on Social Media on a regular basis.
In fact they slay in their pictures.
However, majority of girls in this category have migrated to becoming Runs girls.

2. Runs Girl

These are girls that majorly engage in sexual trade but at a higher class.
They do theirs like it is a real business.
In most cases they know the categories of client they want, the information about their clients is known.

3. Side Chicks Or Better Still ‘Side Chickens’

These ones are not usually into giving sex for payment, they do it in most cases because they love the male partner.
The amazing part about them is, in most cases they themselves know they are side chicks.
The male folk only come to them when the main chick is not willing to play along.

4. Aristo girls Also Known As ‘Sugar Daddy Girls.’

These classes of girls run after rich older men that can help maintain their extravagant lifestyle.
In most cases, they are Nigerian girls in tertiary institutions.

5. Free For All

They are girls which any one can have sexual act with for free.
In most cases, they are usually after the sexual pleasure than money.
They just want to be sexually satisfied.

6. The Good Girls

They might not be much in number but they are still some that are available.
However, in most cases, it is the bad relationship these girls have had with the male folks that turn them into what they are.

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