If you like clothes, if you wear them, if you have any inclination towards the fashion industry, local trends and the inner workings of fashion in Nigeria, then you should have been there, and if you were not, you missed. A lot!!!

At the premier edition of Accelerate Fashion Talks which took place on the 4th of May, 2018, we hosted leading minds of the Nigerian fashion industry:

- Sharmaine Aderemi who is a fashion consultant and has worked with iconic brands such as Calvin Klein, Fabris Lane and Swarowski to name but a few. Her out spoken honesty was a sight to behold as she informed the young budding fashion focused audience to plan, plan and plan before starting in this industry.

- Isioma Aihie who currently leads the Grey Velvet Brand, the ever popular clothing store with bespoke and ready to wear collections (lest we forget her Isi Brown collection) all under one roof. She broke the silence on many topics, highlighting the thought that goes into pricing, digital marketing and so much more, with her always bubbly yet direct candor.

- Ismoila Alli-Balogun is the founder of the fashion facing VC fund, Heritage circle and also launched his passion project recently. The veteran soldier from the US Army broke things down in his calm and insightful way. Ensuring all listening knew the importance of collaboration and emphasized working with more experienced people before venturing out on your own.

- Tokyo James who moderated the event and currently leads the Accelerate Fashion team has had incredibly successful stints at Made magazine, Hello and as founder of Rough UK. He also shared his knowledge from his international successes and really brought the banter to the session.

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Charles Olasanoye
Marketing Associate
Accelerate TV

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