Advice to women with very painful periods - By an Ex Nurse

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"My last menstrual cramps were so severe that I thought I was giving birth to the son of satan."

That was the only way a woman could describe her menstrual pain.

Does this also describe how you feel during your period?

When I was still practicing as a nurse in Lagos, I always tell patients:

"If you’re experiencing painful periods or pelvic pain, don't believe the lie that all menstrual cramps are normal."
Aside from being painful, severe cramps can be scary for another reason:
Sometimes it’s your reproductive system's way of getting your attention and saying, "Aunty, abeg something's wrong down here!"

Painful periods can be a symptom of conditions that can cause infertility like the ones listed here.

Pains apart. If you’re hoping to have healthy kids one day – stop thinking it is just normal.
Many of these conditions worsen over time. Early treatment is best. Getting early treatment may possibly save your fertility or increase your odds of fertility treatment success.
And by treatment, I do not mean using USAIDS drugs like Felvin, Ibuprofen etc that eventually lead to Ulcer and other serious side effects later in life.
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