Calvin Harris Biography

Calvin Harris, whose actual name is Adam Richard Wiles, is a Scottish singer and song writer. He was born on January the 17th, 1984. Currently he is 29 years old. He started his career as a singer but soon started writing his own songs and producing his own and others as well. He has also been performing as a DJ from the time he started working.

He told once that he loved football but he could not go into it so instead he went for the music. His love for music started when he was just a teenager. He started making music on his own by taking interest in the musical instruments. It was the time when he first recorded his solo demos in 1999. After that he released his singles in different places where his work started to make his mark.

He made his debut in 2007 with his album “I created Disco”. His first album was a hit and went for the gold selling record as well. It is Calvin’s view that he had never imagined that his first album will work so well and would be liked by everybody. His most famous singles from the first album included “Acceptable n 80s” and the song named “The Girl”.

After the success of this album he launched his second album in the year 2009 with the name of “Ready for the Weekend”. This album was an instant hit in the charts and rocked the UK pop charts with its powerful songs. Its two most famous songs were “I’m Not Alone” and the song named “Ready for the week” along with another one named “You Used to hold me”. These songs were listed in the top 5 songs of UK in 2009 and his work was acclaimed all over the world.

After that he launched a Remix album “L.E.D” in July 2010. Later he started working on his studio album and released his third studio album, which he named “18 Months”. This album was released in October 2012. It became a hit as well and Calvin’s fans loved it. It contained the singles like “Feel so close”, “Sweet Nothing”, “Drinking from the bottle” and “Thinking about You” which became very popular on the internet and radio. These songs remained on the top positions on the UK charts and maintained a very good place on US charts as well.

He has been into writing his songs since he started his career after that he went onto writing songs for other singers as well such as Rihanna, Sophie Bextor, and Kylie Minogue among the many others. He also produced the records of some the artists and promoted their work.

He has also collaborated with many artists and solo singers for rapping and DJ work of his own. He was reported to be the highest paid DJ of London in 2012 and continues doing the work also. He had been onto many international concerts worldwide and all of them were a success.

He has been nominated for many awards and have won awards which included the 2009 the music producers guild award, NME award for the best dance fillers, MTV international awards for international video of the year and best pop dance track in 2012. While In 2013, he won the best songwriter award also. 
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