Demi Lovato Biography

Demi Lovato whose real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato is an American singer and songs writer. She is 21 years old and is one of the emerging young music artists of America. She was born to Parents Dianna La Garza who was a cheer leader and Patrick Lovato who was a country singer on 20th August 1992. Her father died in 2013. She has an older sister and two half-sisters. Demi was born in New Mexico and was raised in Dallas, Texas state. She started singing when she was young and started playing piano and guitar at the age of ten. After that she got into dancing and acting classes as it was her interest.

She got the fame and started the career from the Disney channel at the age of 7 years old when she appeared in a series. After that she gets another project in the Disney channel series by the name of Sonny with a Chance in which her acting was marked to be exceptional. While she was working on the project she got into the Disney channel original movie Camp Rock. In this movie she got the lead role along with the Jonas Brothers. Her acting skills made her to be selected in the second series of this movie Camp Rock 2 as well. She sung the songs of the both movies with the Jonas brothers and her music career came into broader view.

She is best friend with singer and star Salena Gomez, who is her childhood friend. Both of them are seen together at many places. While Demi earned quiet a name in the acting industry, her singing has been more than that. She launched her debut album in the year 2008 when she worked in Camp rock as well. Her album “Don’t Forget” went for gold selling and was acclaimed highly. After that she worked towards her second album and released it in 2009 by the name of “Here we go again. This album was an instant hit and liked by millions of her fans. This time it ranked on the top albums of the year and her work was recognized by the critics also.

Afterwards she went into emotional upheaval and regarded her mode as a nervous breakdown. She started alcohol intake and binge eating while suffering from bulimia nervosa. It was the time when she was made to consult the doctors and health professionals and since then she had been taking treatment for the problems she faced.

She came back with a new album in 2011 which she named as “Unbroken”. This album according to het reflected her true sense and personality at that time. Her songs in this album were more serious and addressed her difficulties of her life. The two songs from this album “Give your heart a Break” and “Heart attack” went for double platinum certificates and topped the charts.

She has also been serving as a judge in X factor and is very famous for her charity concerts and works worldwide.
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