Fall Out Boy Biography

Fall out boy is one of the popular American rock bands from Illinois, United States of America. It is famous in producing music in pop, punk, pop rock and emo styles. Recently they developed themselves into the most famous emo style band of the world. The band came into origin in the year 2001 with the four members. The four members include Patrick Stump who is the lead vocalist and also a guitarist, Joe Trohan the lead guitarist, Pete Wentz the bassist and Andy Hurley the drummer of the band. The band used to write their songs initially, which were written by Pete Wentz.

The band started performing as an underground band and continued doing so for the coming years but came into view by releasing the band’s first album “Take this to Your Grave”. The album was a hit but their major success started after the release of their second album in 2005 which was named “From Under the Cork Tree”. This album was an instant hit and topped the charts for a longer time period. The album made the band famous and their career started blooming as they achieved double platinum in this album. They also won many awards on this album including the best song and best album of the year award.

The fall out Band after performing worldwide, started working on the third album and had it released in 2007. The album was named “Infinity on High”. It started rising the charts from the first day of released and stayed on top for the first five weeks. Millions of copies were sold in the first week.

Another album came into the view by the name of “Folie a Deux” in 2008, which again came up to the expectations. After that the band members announced that they were going to take a break from working on the band. It was clarified from them that the band was not broken but all of them wanted to indulge them in some other activities rather than these for a period of time. The band members went onto performing on their solo tours and started many solo projects on their own. After wards two of the members Wentz and Hurley formed their own new band and Patrick Stump released his debut solo album. They made success but were the success was not up to the mark of the success the band had gained playing together.

The fans waited anxiously for them to return and their patience was rewarded by the band’s comeback. The band released their comeback album in 2013 with the name of “Save Rock and Roll”. The album was a big success straight ahead and was regarded as their second best album. It again rolled and topped the charts all over US in the first week and the weeknext. “My songs know what you did in the dark” was the most famous of this album and was played a lot after its release on radio and internet both. The members are also famous for their charity work for needy children.
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