Florida Georgia Line Biography

“Florida Georgia Line” is like a fresh air in the country music scene that does not see many new artists coming into it like in the other genres. Two young men “Brain Kelley” (from Ormond Beach, Florida) and “Tyler Hubbard” (from Monroe, Georgia) met through a mutual friend in Nashville.

Brain played baseball at Florida State, and then got transferred to Belmont, where he met Tyler. The two knew right away that their vocal blend were special. They became dedicated co-writers from the beginning.

“We really built a good foundation of friendship above all”, Tyler said. They decided to collaborate and then tested the water by starting out with a mini album called “Anything Like Men” in December 2010. They got the attraction they needed when their song “Black Tears” was re-recorded by “Jason Aldean” on his 2012 album “Night Train”.

They released a second EP, “It’s Just What We Do”. They ruled various country song charts with lead single “Cruise”. “The one thing that set us apart and made us able to sell 100,000 copies of “Cruise” before we had a deal with republic”, Tyler gushed “was the fact that we did work hard”.

“Instead of looking for a deal, we were looking for fans, so we went out there for two years and just did show after show. We knew that when the fans were there the labels would be there and that’s exactly what happened. That’s what set us apart and that’s what leads us to the best team in Nashville”.

Their work paid off further when they broke into Billboard Hot 200 with their first full-length album “Here’s To The Good Times”. Released in December 2012, it peaked at No.7 on the album chart and climbed to No.2 on the country chart. Their single “Get Your Shine On” took them to the top 5 on the country song chart for a second time.

Florida Georgia Line has combined electrifying, hard-driving rock with honest, expressive lyrics into one of the most exciting sounds in all of country music. They have come a long way since their days as students at Nashville’s Belmont University, where they played local clubs and wrote songs between classes. They drew on an electric mix of influences, from country to hip-hop, with one common element, “All of our idols create great music that’s real and that everyone can relate to”, says Brain.

It is the music they enjoy making as much as their fans enjoy hearing, and they are appreciative for the rapidly growing fan base supporting them. “It’s such a blessing that we get to do this for a living”, says Tayler.

The work, the life lessons, and the youth and energy they bring to the table are all part of what they pour out each night on stage and what they have brought to the table with their first album.

For Tyler, it was a lesson he learned from his father, who padded away tragically when Tyler was a college sophomore.
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