French Montana Biography

French Montana whose real name is Kari Kharbouch. He was born on 9th November, 1984. He was born in America and had Moroccandescend. He was born in Morocco and lived there for 12 years. He loved singing so he spent his time in childhood by playing football, singing and rapping. He is also Somalian by partial decent as his parents also had the Somalian decent. French came to New York City in 1996 with his parents and started living here in this city.

He got into high school in America and continued his practicing of music along with rapping. In 2002 he recorded many songs along with one of his friends named Cokeboy Los. He named these songs and its tapes ad “Cocaine City” He released his album as an underground musician and singer. He started including major singers with him. His series became a hit on the road or street DVDs and he earned a name in them.He released 14 editions of this series by including new singles and songs in it.

He was shot in head in 2004 by some body when he was exiting the studio. It was said that it was the purpose of the assassin to kill him. He was also involved in the murder trial for one year but was not found guilty so was cleared of all the charges.

He signed many deals with different recording companies and record studios, but due to delay in the launch of albums and unsatisfactory results he stopped working with those companies.

Later on in 2011 December, he signed a contract with the Bad boys Records and Interscope Records. He said that due to his good repute, he was accessed by many studios and companies but he chose Bad Boys records as it was a good one. He is working on his debut album and will be launching it soon. His album is being produced by Diddy and Rick Ross.

He released many mixed tapes and is intended to produce more in future as well. He has worked with many rappers along to promote his songs and videos. He recently featured Nicki Minaj in his second single “Freaks”.

He is into rapping from the start and is influenced by the works of Tupac, 50 cent, Snoop Dog and the Notorious. He says that he loves music and wants to create great one as well. French is fluent in many languages including English, Arabic and French. He likes to drive in cities as well and has the liking of many sports cars. He is also very conscious about fashion and likes to wear branded clothes as well. He likes purchasing from Denim, Gucci, Fendi, Lois Vuitton and Versace. He fall in love with Deen Kharbouch and married her in 2007. Later on the marriage didn’t work out so they split up and ended in divorce at the end. He specializes in Hip Hop and loves his job as a rapper.
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