How Would You Feel When Your Partner Tells You He/She Is Not Sexually Satisfied? (Watch Funny Responses)

After sex, nothing hurts more than a statement of dissatisfaction from one’s partner.
If your babe tells you say she’s not satisfied, the kind fear or bitterness that will grip you, you go no say to fail JAMB better small 

On this edition of NL TV Voice Of The Street, we hit the street to ask Nigerians how it feels when their partners break the news of not being satisfied enough in bed.

Meanwhile, Nigerians express their feelings and share various things they will do to bounce back stronger and get good compliments after sex.

​​Watch ​hilarious ​r​esponses ​below​:-​ 
Now over to you all at home 
Imagine, A Lady Telling You That You’re Not Man Enough In Bed, How Would You Feel?

What Would You Do Differently Or What Moves Would You Take To Perform Better Next Time?

We want to hear from you all.

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