Husbands Pay Housewives Salaries – Waje, Dencia & Eku Edewor React

inger Waje,TV personality, Eku Edewor, and Cameroonian singer and Beauty entrepreneur, Dencia have all reacted to tweets by writer, Ozzy Etomi that house wives should be paid salaries by their husbands.According to Ozzy, housewives should insist on pension payment. Part of her tweets read:-

“Husband is away, Nanny had an emergency, had to work from home today while handling an extremely precocious 10 month old. I’d pick going to work over staying in with a baby/toddler all day. Stay at home mom’s dont get enough appreciation, admiration or respect. PAY YOUR WIVES.

I truly believe stay at home mothers should earn a salary, paid by their husbands. I dont want to start another twitter war, so instead I will write an article about this because I can ignore medium comments smiley I also believe they should insist on pension payments.”

Waje wrote:-
“I agree…… not a bad thing to empower a stay at home mum financially. Being a stay at home mum is a full time job”

Dencia wrote:-
“But don’t most couples have joint accounts the money you use to buy clothes, shoes etc can be saved right? Why get paid to raise your own children? When them kids u raise turn out fine,isn’t that ur jackpot as a mom? Maybe it should be , the same way kids have saving accounts, dad should put some $$ in mom’s account too.”

Eku Edewor wrote:-
“I think it depends on so many factors and usually something that should be discussed before whoever takes on which role. If you marry later, I expect savings to be in place. If a partner agrees to stay home wether they receive additional money for ‘personal savings’ depends on the earning power of the partner.

If partner is wealthy and you don’t choose to have a joint, then sharing funds is in separate accounts is a sign of respect and the fact that you’re giving your partner the same financial freedoms you have. Also if the family is wealthy, stay at home has more support and in this day and age working from home actually can be inspiring, when you have help, you are freed up to be creative with your time.

Also if stay at home feels trapped, is that a marriage they wish to be in, in the first place. If you really want savings from a stingy partner that has in excess and partner doesn’t share, start inflating your budgets and keeping the excess as savings! Lol, it’s both your money.

If the case is that one must stay home as family are unable to afford help, nanny, cook, etc i think after rent, power, food, fees has been handled there is hardly anything left for either to have extra to save but rather all extra should be saved for the benefit of family in long run. So many factors to consider really and so many diff examples but it’s all choice at the end of the day.”

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