Imagine Dragons Biography

It hasn’t been a long time since the Imagine Dragons first came to the surface. The Las Vegas-based American alternative rock band received its exposure after the launch of its first album in 2012 and it has been a journey of persistent hard work and improvement since then.

The permanent members of Imagine Dragons band name Dan Reynolds (vocals, percussion, guitar), Ben McKee (bass, backing vocals, keyboard), Wayne “Wing” Sermon (guitar, cello, backing vocals) and Dan Platzman (drums, viola, backing vocals). There are also two touring members, Theresa Flaminio (piano, vocals) and Ryan Walker (keyboards, guitar, percussions and vocals), which occasionally perform under the flag of Imagine Dragons. The former members of the band include the names of Andrew Tolman (drums, vocals) and Brittany Tolman (piano, vocals).

Imagine Dragons came under the lime light with the release of their debut album, “Night Visions”, in September 2012, after which the band has been going on world tours, getting exposure on major night shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Imagine Dragons was named the ‘Breakthrough Band of 2013’ by Billboard Magazine, whilst the Rolling Stone Magazine announced their single, “Radioactive”, as ‘the biggest hit of the year’.

The band originated in 2008, when Dan Reynolds met the drummer Andrew Tolman and devised a plan of making a musical band. They recruited their long high school friend Daniel Wayne Sermon and Tolman’s wife, Brittany Tolman, to the band. Ben McKee joined the Imagine Dragons later to complete the lineup.

Dan Reynolds represented the band as the lead singer and Imagine Dragons a number of local competitions to begin its voyage. The band also won BYU’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ to get recognition on the domestic level but it was merely the beginning of a new journey.

After releasing some EP’s, the band got its first real big break when Train’s frontman fell sick just prior to the Bite of Las Vegas Festival in 2010 and Imagine Dragons were called as a replacement. Their performance in front of more than 26,000 people won the hearts of thousands of listeners, projecting the band on a positive trajectory. Andrew Tolman and Brittany Tolman left the band in July 2011.

Imagine Dragons finished their workings on the debut album “Night Visions” in the summer of 2012 and eventually released it on 4th September. The album peaked number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 83,000 copies in the very first week of the launch. It topped the Billboard Alternative and Rock Albums, gathering immense praise for Imagine Dragons from all over the world. Their single, “Radioactive”, reached number one spot in Billboard Alternative Songs, Billboard Rock Songs and Swedish Singles, reaching triple platinum in the United States.

Billboard credited Imagine Dragons as one of the “2012’s Brightest New Stars” and named them as their “Favorite Rock artist of 2012”. The Imagine Dragons have just begun their journey and they have a lot of time to prove their mettle in the days to come.
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