Jake Owen Biography

Joshua Ryan Owen most commonly known as Jake Owen is a current American country music artist and star. He was born in 28 august 1981 and is specialized for country singing. He is a singer and song writer also. He also plays guitar. He was born in Florida America and has a twin brother. Both of the brothers used to play sports when kids and went onto build a career on it as well. Jake went for golf and participated in national level, won a tournament at the age of fifteen years. Afterwards he had an accident which made it impossible to play golf like the way he used to.

While he was thinking of doing something else, he started learning guitar on a friend’s guitar. He liked playing it and eventually mastered it. Once he asked a bar owner at a local bar to play guitar over there and started his musical career at that point. He made his own music and wrote lyrics too. After that he went towards Nashville to pursue his career music industry.

He started writing songs with different companies and writers and started earning a living out of it. However he was more interested in doing his own music. He released his debut album in 2006 with the name of “Startin With me” the song from the album “Something about a women” was an instant hit with the release and reached on the top twenty country songs chart. This was a big achievement for the guy who made him do more work with dedication and hard work.

He started working on different projects and had his second album released in 2009 by the name of “Easy Does It”. Its most famous singles included “Tell me” and “Don’t think I can’t love you”. These were also big hits on radio and internet both and were played a lot.

He eventually got landed his third album in 2011 with the name of “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”. The title song of this album was a block buster hit and gained him access to the number one place on the country songs chart.

Jake has been to many concerts and has been to many tours in the country as well. His all concerts are very popular among his fans and he is also famous for singing on the opening nights for fellow singers in the industry. His new and latest album which is the fourth one is in the process of being launched. He released its first song by the name of “Ghost town” and this album is named “Days of Gold”. It will be released later this year in December.

Jake married his longtime girlfriend and model Lacey Buchanan in 2012, when he proposed her in front of the crowd in a show. He sung his song don’t think I can’t love you before proposing to her for marriage. They are happily married and have a daughter. He also performs for charity events and is known for his appearances for noble causes.
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