Let’s Play!! You & Your Ex Alone In A Room For Hours, What Will Happen?

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Happy Weekend and hope you are enjoying your weekend?

You all should Enjoy yourself to the fullest and please stay out of Trouble… May God continue to guide everyone of us 

In many developed countries, It’s a normal and a very usual thing to see 2 lovers go their separate ways and still keep it cool as a Friend and nothing more.

In Nigeria, once a Relationship between 2 lovers hits the rock (ends), they become 2 bitter enemies.

Most times they even plan Evil against each other if the relationship crashes due to one partner cheating on the other.

The only time 2 Ex lovers remains in good talking terms is only when the relationship crashes on a mutual ground maybe due to Geno-type issue which is very rare.

Let’s see how cool you are with you Ex lover.
If You & Your Ex Are Locked Together In A Room For 5 Hours, What Would Happen?

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