Must See: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting An Online Business In Nigeria

We are getting very close to starting an online business. You should know that one of the mistakes that armature internet marketers make is “choosing a product before the audience”.
This is very bad and must be corrected. Before starting an online business, there are several questions you should ask yourself.

This won’t only help you make plans, but it will position you to make decisions concerning your business very well.

Therefore, what are those questions you should ask yourself before starting an online business in Nigeria?

See them below:-

1. Who Are My Target Audience?

Who are they? Where are they? Where can you find them? What is their demographics? What are their interests?

The moment you answer all these questions and give a proper analysis towards it, then you have accomplished the hardest part of the puzzle.

Without knowing your target market, I am sorry that you won’t make much progress in your business after you have rolled it out.

2. Will I Sell Products Or Services?
Before starting an online business, you should know exactly what you intend to sell. You can do either, but it’s generally simpler and quicker to start with one. In a service-based business, you can start as soon as you establish the services you’re going to offer.

With a product-based business, you’ll need to either produce the products first or you can sell products produced by other businesses as an affiliate.

3. Are You Ready To Create A Website?
Now that you know what you’re going to offer and to whom, you’ll need to create a website. You don’t have to worry about the technical difficulties of building a website.
There are plenty of online step-by-step videos and tutorials that show you how to build a website. Or, if you prefer, you can outsource the job to a web developer who can do everything for you.

4. What Is Your Start-Up Budget?
When starting a home based business you’ll need to decide how much money you have to get your business started.

Undoubtedly an online business is a cost-effective way to start but you will need some capital to get your website online and for marketing and advertising.

5. Where Will I Work From?
Before you think of starting an online business, you’ll need an area in your home as your office where you can work and won’t be disrupted.

If feasible try to have a business computer and not use your family computer for your business.

This means you won’t have to worry about your kids needing the computer when you’re working.

6. Are You Ready For Social Media?
Before starting an online business, you should know that your prospective customers are hanging out on social media.

Set up social media accounts for your business such as a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page for your business, and a Twitter page.

You have to be on all the social media networks. Just choose the ones that are appropriate for your business.

7. Are You In It For The Long-Term?
You’re not going to make millions in a few weeks. All legitimate work from home businesses takes time to gather momentum, find customers and make a profit.

If you’re the type of person to give up if you haven’t made loads of money in several weeks of starting then perhaps the home business world is not for you.

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