Nigerians React To Trending Video Of Lady Washing Her Private Part With Champagne

A Nigerian Slay queen identified simply as Halima recently celebrated her Birthday in a club and di something pretty surprising.

She purchased bottles of expensive Champagne and used it to wash her private parts. Nigerians all over have expressed delight while some expressed disappointment. Read their reactions below on Facebook;

Arinze Peter wrote; That simply means her vagina contributed a lot to her success. When you’re cleaning and cleansing your working tool for the work done and for the work ahead.

Augusta Francis wrote; Cervical cancer loading, So for una mind na Enjoyment be this? Ndi Apari

Rita Ngige; People are suffering of hunger. People are dying of hunger. And you are here wasting the number of soul you would have saved with the money. Well its your life….. Keep living. 
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