[A Must Read] 11 Ways Will People Reacts When They Hear You Have Hammered

People will always have something to say or do when you become rich and famous.

You all will find this post interesting and very relatable except you never hammer before or know someone who ever hammered.

Let’s Go!!
1. Your Villagers Who Are Really Shocked By The News 

How? When? Why?

Baba must do something about this.. How old is he to have so much money? – Bad belle them. 

2. The Ones That Are Incredibly Happy For You 

Omo re bi Custard!!… Come here. You don try!

Thank God the hustle finally paid off, more blessings to come.

3. People Who Won’t Stop Following You Up And Down 

Are you a monitoring spirit?

This set of people will follow you about in real life as if they are following you on Twitter. Awon owo epo.

4. The Jobless Rumor Mongers 

The jobless ones who will spread rumors that your money/fame is not clean.

Na Yahoo Plus, Na Ritual, Na 419 him dey do.. They say negative things behind you but still laugh with you anytime you are around them.

5. The Jealousy 

The ones that are jealous you made it before them.

They have running stomach whenever they see you around. Them don forget say this Life na turn by turn.

6. The Beggars 

The beggars who won’t stop asking you for money everyday as if you are an ATM!

Please free me, I don’t have money today

7. The Fake Lovers 

And Some people who will just suddenly start caring so much about you?

I know you are here for the Money!

8. The Famzing Gang 

The famzing gang. Ones who’d keep shouting “I know am!, I know am!”.

Oshey!!… Omini knowest They claim to know you very well and they talk as if you sleep in the same house but they are just lying to feel important.

9. The “You Don For Forget Me” Gang 

This set of people who will start calling and sending text messages saying you forgot them.

Make una free me joor! Una self don forget me. They can say things that will make you vex for a whole year, be wise!

Be wise! If you no get money, them no go even remember say you exist.

10. The “You Don Change” Crew 

Some people would keep saying your money and fame has made your attitude change towards them.

Is it your change?

11. Then Everybody Becomes Nice, Even The Bully 

Then the ones who bullied you all your life would now become so nice.

Wonders shall never cease.

The End!!!

Money is good and relevant – God bless us all 
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