[ARTIST] Here are Some Mistakes you Make in your career.

Many artists never thought of putting things in order before starting their music career. Social media is a nice community to start because that’s where everyone meets; you have to make it very possible for the interested ones online to have access to your songs collections. You can’t be an artist with pictures and a link to an unknown location where you can’t say which one is an advert link or a real download link. Your interested fans will be discouraged then they close the page. Let me list 10 common mistake upcoming artist usually do in their career.
  • Uploading Dead link
This kind of mistake mostly happen when you upload your song on website that usually shut down expired link that don’t have enough visitors for regular download. Most artists never keep track of the link to their song they keep pasting on their social media timeline or group wall. When your fans wanted to download it they face some challenges, some will be redirect to other page and they lose interest to your song. There are a lot of website that can hold your song for many years and you can easily refer people to it, site like ReverbNation, Dropbox etc. When you create a good link to your song, people find it easy to download which helps you to reach more audience around the world.
  • No profile
Some upcoming artists don’t have a profile and they expect people to know them, which is not possible. Having a well arraigned profile helps you to create a connection to new and existing fans that wish to know more information about you and your music career. Your profile should be detailed and well created so that when some interested sponsor want to see your details you simply refer them to your profile which could be on Facebook, ReverbNation, on a blog, Twitter or any accessible social media you can register yourself into. Profile can contain some of your old and new song links, some mix tape pictures or promo picture, personal or group image and some little information about your music career. Put a lot of energy to have a complete profile and make sure you usually update them when you have new song, image or any information you wish to show the public.
  • No genre
Most artist don’t have a genre, they will push out a hip hop song today the next time they drop a soul song and they keep on changing genre. You can’t easily tell which particular song they make and where to categories them. This kind of people always find it hard to blend into the system because they never have their own brand of music. Fans can’t flow with your music pattern because some people may like your hip hop style but discard your soul song, this will create a division between people who follow you and people who listen to your song. Learn to focus your energy on a particular genre, work on improving on it and create your own style to help you stand out in the crowd.
  • No social media account
This categories of people are normally not into social media or not too familiar with the internet. Having a social media is a good chance to show your music to the world. Friends and families will help like, share or tweet your song and create much views and engagement. You hardly make people listen to your song when you don’t have a social media account. Social media has a way it promote artist who has good content and good audience, you need to make a lot of friends and make them know your intention and what you need from them. Many upcoming artist has being link with multi-million record deals, some are help to meet the right producer or partner for their music career.
  • No featuring
No man is an island and starting a career in music requires you to focus your energy to work with different producers, artist, songwriter or a good record label. Featuring another artist is a very good way to drawing a lot of attention. Many artists are usually rate higher with how they work with their fellow artist to create a good hit. Don’t believe you can do it all alone because you believe you got the vibe, having an artist to handle chorus or rap can make some works easier for you. Roles and ideas will be shared and you will have the opportunity to combine two different raw talents together to create a song.
  • Record deals
Due to the increase in the amount of people who want to be a super star, many artists have been turned to slave by making money for the label but receiving peanut at the end. This happens when no prefer agreement was reach when signing a contract deal, this deals should be read carefully and most time require the attention of a lawyer for proper advise. When you desperately sign such deals, you feel trap and you feel sad when you know you are been cheated by your record label. When you have such chance, make sure you go through it before signing and if you still feel like to continue, make sure the deal should not be more than 2 years. This will help you prepare yourself and also know your worth when the deal expired.
  • No personal song collection
There are some fans who love to have all song release by an artist. Having a particular site where you can direct all your fans to get all of your song easily. Site like ReverbNation or iTunes can help you have this pleasure but some of these sites are not free (iTunes). Always keep record of your songs to help to create a good connection between you and your audience, some fans may not like your new release but keep downloading your old songs you release 2 years ago. They can have access to them because you create a link for it and they find it easy to locate and download.
  • Contact address
Before going online with your music first have a contact address. It can be an e-mail or mail box or any means someone can use to reach you easily at any time. You can have a good hit but your contact address can be the only set back holding you from being contacted by some major sponsor or a contract deal. Have an office e-mail you can use for applying for any deals online; make sure you check it regularly in case you have an urgent message regarding your music career.
  • Alternative skills
Starting a career in music should not be the reason you should focus your attention only on singing, you can go into other aspect of music that you can use to equip yourself more. These skills can help you stand out among the crowd, skills like Audio Production, Sound Engineer, Producer, keyboardist, drummer or a backup singer etc. Work more to develop yourself can see how important it will help in meeting more people who can shape your career.
  • Free show / Event
Many artists may find this difficult to do but when you leave the monetary aspect of this, you will find out that many successful artists had one time perform for free. Doing free show some times helps artist to create more awareness and show case some new song you just release. Find any avenue to display yourself, even if it last for some few minute. Never look down on a show or focus your attention on money when you haven’t made any name in the music industry.

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