Chima Anyaso joins the Bovibes Family, as Passion to Project (P2P) kicks off

Bovibes Entertainment and Communications have been in the forefront of supporting,developing and managing budding talents.

The business represents the dynamic CEO, Ibe Boco who have selflessly supported talents over the years before he decided to make it a profit venture.

He has however put together seasoned professionals to drive this venture, and the company have succeded in using creativity to redirect youths from the streets and put them on a more positive path.

For the company success cannot only be defined by the number on the profit margin but by how many talented people she has put on the right path. 

 This is the quality that have attracted the billionaire businessman , Dr. Chima Anyaso to throw his weight behind company Bovibes Entertainment and her budding creative project tagged “Passion To Profit” (P2P), A talent discovery and empowerment initiative with the goal being to grow the creative industry, promote creativity and empower talented youths.

His love for His State, Abia and the teeming creative persons praying and hoping to be the best they can be is also a catalyst for this decision.

Chima Anyaso who is the managing director / CEO of Ceecon Oil & Gas Limited, while endorsing the deal that would bring in huge amount of funds into the creative industry through a talent discovery and development initiative, says that an increase in investment towards the entertainment sector by private sector players would greatly address the unemployment situation in Abia State and Nigeria.

In a statement issued to the media yesterday through his communication executive, the billionaire businessman reaffirmed his belief that if the right investment is put into the creative industry, a good percentage of Nigerian youths will gain life time employment, thereby contribute to the improvement of the country’s economy. He considers his involvement with the “Passion To Profit” project as a social investment which has no profit objective beyond giving back, and a new beginning to empowerment which is targeted to taking One million creative youths off the street in the next couple of years.

The statement read in part “we believe that unemployment is the biggest threat to the progress of our country leading to many social vices among young people today, and if we do more to support creativity, it will, to a large extent, reduce the problem brought about by unemployment”.

We suggest you watch the space

connected as BOVIBES sets the ball rolling with a hand full of projects in the coming months. 
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