MUSLIM TALK!! Why Is There So Much Serious Sexual Temptation During Ramadan?

Hello Brothers & Sisters in Islam,

How is the holy month of Ramadan going over there? May Allah accept our fast and all of our Ibadah 

Let’s talk about the holy month and the biggest Sexual temptations that comes with it 

NOTE:- If you have not experienced this over the years as a Muslim during Ramadan, I can say authoritatively that you might be a Gay or not a normal human being 

Sorry to say that but I just need to buttress my point considering the facts that everyone I have approached said this is TRUE and some even explained further by narrating their own experiences.


We all have one or more Ladies we might or have interest in having an affair with but all seems impossible for a very long time and we might just seem to lose interest in the whole thing 

Fast forward to the holy month of Ramadan during fasting when you’ve promised your Creator to keep it holy and committed to serving him wholeheartedly 

The Real Deal ➨ Na so this your long time CRUSH go just show up whether via SMS, Whatsapp, Calls or even on Instagram 


They will become so submissive and Interested in you. The person they rejected many months or years back.

Now, they are even ready to have Sex with you as soon as possible as if their Life depends on it 
Do You Believe This Happens During Ramadan Period?
Why is this Sexual Temptation Always Happening During The Month Of Ramadan?

Need to hear from all Knowledgeable Muslims.

Drop your comments.
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