OMG!!! 'For content, for entrepreneurship...For Lagos' - Lagos Commissioner for Tourism, Arts & Culture, Steve Ayorinde writes about Linda Ikeji TV

OK, you guys, my whole week has been made. The commissioner for Tourism, Arts & Culture for Lagos state, Steve Ayorinde has written a piece for the newly launched Linda Ikeji TV and I'm chuffed. Read below and please join in giving me and my team accolades. Lol.

The sky is bright for local talents and content creators in Lagos State. With Cartoon Network launching Africa Creative Lab and Multichoice doing same with Talent Factory, more windows of opportunities are opening for the young and talented in audio-visual industry.

More platforms by reputable stakeholders are providing big opportunities at a time that Lagos Grows Talent and Ibile Comedy Challenge talent hunt projects are churning out many talented youths in various fields of performing arts.

Similarly, quality online streaming services are emerging too, to create and promote good contents. is one of such that draws interests and deserves encouragement for its sheer audacity to make an impact with its array of programming.

Late last year when I had a tour of select online media houses in Lagos; I asked that Linda Ikeji be included to see how Africa's No 1 blogger intended to take a leap of faith into becoming Nigeria's answer to Netflix.

I was impressed by the set-up I saw at the Lekki-office of; the promise that the contents being line up held as well as the commitments - financial and mental - of the team.

Being generally self-funded by a lady with no prior experience in television programming, I thought the dream was rather audacious.

But several days after it was launched with subscription growing daily and critical appraisals generally favourable, it looks to me like the Nigerian Netflix is about to berth; and it's a Lagos brand.

I'm aware that is building apps for smart tvs as part of its growth strategy. But those who say that the future of television is digital might be right; however that future is right here and now.

This is the new thing in content creation and digital economy. It's about talents, jobs, entrepreneurship and more importantly the audacity to dream; a Lagos dream!

Steve Ayorinde
Hon. Commissioner for Tourism, Arts & Culture
Lagos State
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