SCANDAL! Super Eagles Star John Ogu Accused Of Abandoning Daughter After Divorce

Super Eagles midfielder, John Ogu, has been accused of abandoning his daughter, Ivanna, since he divorced his wife, Vera, last year.Ogu, who is with the national team preparing for the 2018 World Cup on Sunday, took to his Twitter handle to wish Ivanna a happy birthday.

“On this day last year, I was in uyo serving my father land on your special day against South Africa . Today is your special day and I still can’t spend this day with you my Baby girl. Daddy is out here working hard to make you proud in Russia . Happy Birthday my love!!” he wrote.

However, Vera’s sister, Mimi, fired back, opening a can of worms.

Mimi tweeted back: “But Daddy was in Nigeria 2 weeks ago and didn’t see his daughter! Oh I forgot Daddy hasn’t seen his daughter since he kicked her and her mom out from Isreal LAST YEAR. You can do everything John but what you won’t do is pretend like you’re Ivanna’s life for the gram.”

Ogu welcomed Ivanna few months after their big wedding, which crashed after only two years.
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