Yay! Actress Mercy Aigbe just bought herself a house (photos)

Actress and single mum of 2, Mercy Aigbe, is now a proud landlady. She just acquired a property in a choice area in Lagos. Congrats to her! She shared photos of her house on IG and wrote

''Throwback to my birthday.... my beautiful sis @ceolumineeofficial gave me this cake as a birthday gift and this conversation ensued between us....
Luminee - before the year runs out you will buy your own house.....
Me: Luminee pls leave me oh! The one I have been building since I haven’t finished!
Luminee : Aunty mi, I am not talking about the one you are building, I am talking of the one you will buy in a beautiful choice area in lagos!
Me: Ha! Where will I get plenty plenty millions of naira to buy that one!
Luminee- Aunty mi don’t worry God will bless and empower you 
Me: Amen oh!!!!.... And I laughed!
Little did I know that the lord uses the foolish things of this world to confirm the wise! ....and out of Luminee’s mouth, the lord gave me a testimony ....... 

It's the Lord's doing and it's beautiful in my sight!
Few months after that cake gift, I bought a beautiful home for myself and my kids in a choice area in Lagos!!!!!!!!
Say hello to the new LANDLADY.....''.
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