5 Foods Undergraduates Eat When They Are Broke

Running out of cash is a thing among Nigerian students. Except you are born with a silver spoon and you come to school with the spoon, you may not really understand what it means to be broke on campus.

Many Nigerian students understand this well, and they try as much as possible to adjust when their wallets and bank accounts begin to look deserted.

Yea, the semester will soon be winding down and it is only normal to adjust to the situation by eating whatever is available since your pocket won’t be rich enough to get you the meal you’ll like to eat.

So, when students are broke like this on campus, there are certain foods they eat to keep them going.

1. Garri

Popularly known as G4 on campus, anyone who attends a Public higher institution in Nigeria would understand the role Garri plays in the life of undergraduates.

This cassava flakes is more like the best food anyone can resort to when the semester is winding down and the pocket is getting empty.

Garri is arguably the easiest to prepare for students. It can go either with cold water, sugar, and groundnuts or hot water to make Eba

2. Concoction

When you don’t feel like taking Garri because you’ve had too much of it, concoction becomes the best alternative mostly for male students.

Concoction is the combination of rice and anything you can lay your hands upon just to quench your hunger.

3. Potato

The choice of potato as a fast food is very common among undergraduates studying in the Northern part of Nigeria.

This is because Potatoes are very cheap and the high price of yams is discouraging enough for students to choose these vegetables over yams.

4. Beans

This is believed to be the most popular source of protein for Nigerian students.

Beans is that food a lot of male students resignedly take with Garri when they are running out of cash.

5. Risky Burger

Risky Burger is a combination of bread and suya and apart from Garri, nothing is more readily available for students to reduce hunger pangs. This staple food must have been serving Nigerian students for a very long time.

It is such a popular staple that some universities have bakeries. Some broke undergraduates can’t afford to ignore any loaf that comes their way.

These foods are very important to broke students. However, these five make the list because they are very popular, if you know any other foods undergraduates eat when they are broke, tell us in the comment section.

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