Chrissy Teigen reveals she slept with John Legend on their first date

Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she and John Legend had sex on their first date.

The model revealed on Monday night's Watch What Happens Live that she and her now-husband "closed the deal" on their first date, after making his music video for Stereo.

We were on a music video set all day together, and then I went to one of his shows, and then... yeah.

She grinned as she said the last part.

The mom-of-two also admitted that she was once envious of a girl in another of John Legend's music video. 

 She said:

All of the guys around him were all pumping up this girl that was one of the lead video girls, and they were like 'she's so beautiful! Chrissy look, isn't she beautiful?'

And I was just being a little sh*thead. Honestly I was young, I was like 21, I was a brat... I was jealous, that's it.

She added that now that they are married, she no longer gets jealous.

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