News: Alarm over Chinese “human flesh” drugs

IT sounds like a tale from a fictitious horror novel or movie, but unknown to millions of Nigerians they could easily be consumers of Chinese drugs made with human flesh!

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It would have been difficult to believe this shocking news if the main food and drug regulation agencies such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Nigerian Standards Organisation (SON) and the Nigerian Customs Services (NCS) had not confirmed it. In fact, it was the South Korean Customs Service which reportedly tipped off the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), which in turn notified the above-mentioned Federal agencies, including the Nigerian Postal Service (NPS) and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

According to the NIA: “The South Korean Customs Service, on 30th September 2018 revealed that it (had) seized 2,751 Chinese drugs/capsules containing human remains from foetuses, infants and flesh imported into the country by the some Chinese nationals. The manufacturers claim that the drugs can boost stamina, cure cancer, diabetes and some terminal diseases”. The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety also isolated 18.7 billion viruses, including Hepatitis B in the Chinese killer drugs.

This sobering news confirms how Nigerians are made to pay a heavy price for allowing their country to become the dumping ground for cheap, foreign-manufactured products. Unfortunately, this includes the reckless abandon with which the Federal Government and other African countries have been gorging on freely available Chinese loans and other financial offerings without checking the hidden conditions that could harm our economies the same way that the human flesh drugs are guaranteed to do.

We are shocked that it took the tip-off from South Korean government agencies which are diligent in their mandates to protect their people before our own indolent bureaucrats realised the danger that our people have been in for years. What if the South Koreans had not alerted us? Why did our security and consumer products safety agencies sit on their haunches, even when the Chinese government had, way back in 2011, announced they were investigating alleged production of drugs with dead foetuses?

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South Korea immediately swung into action and confirmed the allegation with sample products bound for their country but we only embarked on our usual fire brigade alarms long after millions of our people might have been been accidental turned into “cannibals”. In our culture,this is both an abomination and crime against humanity!

While we call on the Federal Government to set up a high-powered panel to look into the circumstances surrounding this Chinese horror drugs scandal and punish all negligent officials, we call on all Nigerians to boycott all Chinese drugs, foods and other topical consumables for now. Chinese manufacturers have very little respect for scruples and international regulations especially in products they sell abroad.

We must be on our guard!
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