Read This Touching Story: The Husband, The Wife Or The Law, Who Was Not Fair?

A man found his wife with another man in his bedroom. Instead of attacking the man or raising an alarm he just kept quiet, went back to the sitting room, switched on the TV and started watching some gospel videos.

The wife and the man she was caught cheating with were in panic. The don’t know whether to regret their actions or to be happy the husband didn’t react.

The man dressed up and tip-toed to into the sitting room where the husband was watching gospel music videos with his trousers still zipped down and his shirts in his hands.

At the moment the wicked eye of the husband got in contact with his sinful sight, the man said in shaky voice:

“Sir, l’m sorry for sleeping with your wife”

The Husband replied – “It happens, you can go”.

The man left shivering. The wife never came out from the bedroom till it was time to sleep.

The husband switched off the TV and went to sleep on same bed the action took place. He found his wife sitting on the floor crying.

The husband never said anything or even asked her anything. He just slept on his bed and covered himself. In the morning on waking up, he found his wife dead.

She had committed suicide in the middle of the night as her husband was asleep.

The husband was consequently arrested and jailed for 20 years for murder.

The question now is

The Husband, The Wife Or The Law, Who Do You Think Was Not Fair?

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