[Education] Fashionista, Rachel Zagi Set to Release “Every Woman’s Guide” Ebook 1st December

With the tears of joy in my eyes, I feel so excited to introduce to you a project I worked on for the last few months that is so dear to my heart. This project proffers solutions to every woman to identify the right fits for her on what to wear and how to wear?

As a human being, I understand emotions and feelings, as a woman, I can relate with those inner thoughts, fears, sincere concerns and worries about our looks, and as a mother, my body has experienced the changes that come with the most wonderful opportunity of being a life-giver.
As a fashion designer who has seen firsthand the beauty that radiates from a genuinely confident woman, my most intense desire is to have you dress up with confidence knowing that you look beautiful because you have an understanding of your body shape, what fits and even have others attest to it.

“Every Woman’s Guide”
is set to be launch on the 1st of December 2019 Digitally.

I urge every woman not to miss this important Guide!

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