[Relationship] A happy relationship - written/ compiled by Swanbee

A happy relationship - written/ compiled  by Bitrus Yusuf Ngaruru (Swanbee)
A happy relationship between a man and a woman is the result of constant work, joint development, and compromises. Women are willing to do a lot for relationships, but sometimes they leave even the most beloved men. The reasons may be many. Let’s get rid of the most common ones!


Women are emotional by nature and often walk away from men who don't give them enough attention.

It’s important to understand that the interests and needs of a loved one are essential components of a non-boring relationship.

Boredom causes a feeling of fatigue and dissatisfaction with a relationship in general.

To avoid this, always find something that none of you have ever tried. Try something new and exciting. It can be anything: board games, travel, joint development, playing together any sport. These will enhance your relationship by adding bright colors.

Even if a man is wonderful and considerate, a woman can leave him if she is no longer attracted to him. Not only men find the first point of attraction by sight. Women also want to see themselves next to a man who takes care of himself. People tend to care about themselves before finding a partner more than afterward. Once they find that their companion and the relationship becomes stable and lasting, their motivation to be better and better disintegrates.

It is necessary to remember that your task is to continue to take care of yourself and look attractive to your beloved. The most crucial part of your appearance is health and how you look after your body. It’s the tone, the vital body, fresh breath, and body odor. Proper nutrition and sports help you keep yourself in shape. You don’t need to look like an athlete but someone who cares about their health and stamina.

#Lack of passion in a relationship

Give her what she wants, for as long as she wants it. You’d love the same, wouldn’t you?

Look for new places for intimate meetings, create a romantic atmosphere, try something new, something that will help diversify ur relationship, Keep flirting with her. It helps the relationship to remain fresh and playful. Spontaneous manifestations of tenderness fuel your relationship.

#When the woman doesn’t feel desirable

When a man ceases to admire his woman, doesn’t pay her compliments or doesn’t pay enough attention, the woman might fade away. Without care and attention, a woman feels alone. A woman who doesn't get enough emotional satisfaction in a relationship might start looking elsewhere.

Women need to feel loved. They need to feel unique and necessary in a man's life. “You're special to me” - that's what every woman wants to hear. Simple words: “I thought about you all day”, “you inspire me”, “you drive me crazy”, “you are the most important person in my life”. These inspire any woman. Write or call her without any reason. Be interested in how her day was. It is essential for us to feel that you think about us and worry about us. Women desire to feel the supporting shoulder. Women want to share their thoughts and open their inner world to a man, relax, and feel loved and desired.

#Lack of development in relationships

Problems arise in a relationship when the goals of the partners do not meet. It is impossible to run for a long time in the same team if you are pulled in different directions.

You need to know whether your goals meet with the plans of your woman or not. Maybe she's set on getting married soon when you're not planning on it yet. Women break dead-end relationships. “What you want”, “what I want”, “what you expect from me”, “what I expect from you” - these are simple questions that will sweep away half of all problems and troubles.

Relationships are unique. It is impossible to predict how long they will last and where they will lead. They are like a living organism that develops and changes.

#Know your relationship objective
*Build a serious relationship

So let your relationship develop

Thank you
Remain bless
#Zamani (Generation)

By Bitrus Yusuf Ngaruru (Swanbee) 

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