"5 Qualities You Should Consider Minor In Marriage"

5 qualities you should consider minor in marriage!
1. Big behind:
This is the root of all adultery in the future. Seriously? What is wrong with young men and moderation in recent times? The most awkward is most young guys do these for social security, that they’d be applauded by their choice of woman.
As perfect as our young beauties with big behind are, they are not to be married for short term goals. If you do, you’d regret it in the nearest decade, be warned!
2. Big bosoms
Beauties with big bosoms rock but bro if you don’t have love beyond this quality, mid and old age may mean chaos as you may be forced into adultery!

3. Hair:
Yes! You read that well!
“Oh, she has the hair of a mammywater” thoughts will land you in disappointment pretty soon. Women go bald, are you with me? Of a truth, they are even the carriers of baldness genetically, it’s just more pronounced in men.
4. Skin:
Her skin dey give your body ogbonge spasms now abi. No wahala! Her skin is like mirror and you can see yourself, continue!
No condition is permanent, you may be rich and can take care of her today but who knows tomorrow? Change is the only constant thing, that skin will stop reflecting your image and wrinkles will dawn, will you stop loving her now?
5. Nails:
If you have ever seen what’s left of a whitlow ridden finger, you’d learn to appreciate love within!
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