These Days, Can A Relationship Survive For Years Without Sex?

Can A Relationship Survive For Years Without Sex?

Lots of things have been said about relationship and sex but it seems these two things are dependent on how we perceive them as individuals.

Many relationships have crashed due to lack of sex between both partners. Whether we like it or not, intimacy and sex is part of dating and relationships.

There are lots of preaching about sex out of wedlock not the right thing but is it that easy?

The simple truth is that Sex is important in any relationships of today. Even if a Man loves a woman with all his life and he’s been deprived of Sex, he could wake away and never return.

Sometimes, sex makes a relationship last longer and even make it end in Marriage. Although, sex can end a relationship sometimes due to both partners thinking they no longer have value or love each other any longer (It’s called See Finish).

Have you ever been in a long-term relationship without sex nor strong romantic moments that will you and your partner wet?

Do You Think A Relationship Can Survive For Years Without Sex?
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