[Music] The Review (2020) – Elcruzzy Lyrics & Mp3 Download

[Music] The Review (2020) – Elcruzzy Lyrics & Mp3 Download  

2020 has been a year full of many events both the good and the bad times can all be attributed to 2020.

The Review is a recap of the whole event that happened in 2020 orchestrated by the lyrical nurse Elcruzzy, fresh out of CME

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THE REVIEW- Elcruzzy (lyrics)
uhh lemme sip some wine before saying this, it's really hard to understand what kind of year we've been through 2020!! God I pray never to see this year again, ugh ugh
#Control_Shh™ it's CME 100, CME Shit Baby, let's Review this 2020, many things happened but hey lets check, it's king Elcruzzy Adams again baby Spy Records going in, that's the review let's go

*Yeah, we came in hoping that this is our year 
*this ain't no questions by the way to the Almighty
*just tryna review and be grateful for the gift of life
*at least we still alive though things ain't as planned
*like we got so many students hoping to graduate this year
*then Corona came and everythin got shattered
*ain't forgetting the lockdown got so many battered
*brothers and sisters forced into face masking
*social gathering turned into isolation
*couldn't understand how worship centers became forbidden
*palliatives, Corona aids stored in the belly of the rich ones
*never to be shared though said to be for the poor ones
*stay at home, thought we are safe then came kidnapping
*all we could get was the president's lame speeches
*life's hard though but just for some few
*cos despite all the ish came the BBN lockdown
*Dorathy and the issues of the Laycons 
*85 milli won and street is full of homeless
*Poverty is the matter that we are still tryna settle
*hard to understand the Giants of Africa in a struggle
*I really wished it's a movie cos the issues mad oh
*someone might be screaming yes I got the video
*back in the hive cos that is my house
*gotta be in my room the number is 306

Ehh, what a year, 2020, uh God, what a year let's review it again, we've seen so much, this is the review, uh 2020, we've seen so much, uh like uh, this is the review

*it is been said arise and fight for your right
*then we got tired of the police brutality
*my people rose up and here goes the protest
*it's a hashtag End Sars Peaceful protest
*but hey that brought about the black October
*many lives got lost and blood on the flag
*lekki toll gate, what a massacre?
*I cried over it, like a love lost
*it isn't safe in the Homeland neither overseas
*talking about George Floyd black lives matters
*I cried over the lives that we really lost
*and I also cried over the love that we lost
*if only tears can bring back the death l woulda cried an ocean
*look life is really complex I can't hide my emotions 
*I'm still tryna figure why death is so cruel
*took away a friend's kid bro in the name of Drowning
*not to forget real OG's in the name of Dushea
*Zacksman, a friend's mum just a few to mention
*rest in Peace to y'all that couldn't make it to this point
*we believe that you in the Lord's bosom at this point
*and we gonna make your legacy live on forever
*and yes through us your name is gonna live on forever
*2020? life's been a hell
*2021! thing's gon be well (AMEN)
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