Top 10 Ways On How To LOSE WEIGHT FAST

Hey, Jim here. 
Welcome to Top10Archive! Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to shed some weight? 
It may seem like every diet is a sham and it’s hopeless, and while many diets are ineffective and counterproductive, there are fast and safe ways to unload some of that extra baggage. We’re certainly not ones to shame any body type and these methods aren't for everyone, but if you are struggling with weight loss, here are ten safe and fast ways you may be able to reach your goal.

10. Cut Down on Salt 
9. Goodbye Soda! 
8. The Thermic Effect 
7. Contrast Shower 
6. Get Enough Sleep 
5. Eat Natural Appetite Suppressants 
4. Massage Those Limbs 
3. Go to a Sauna 
2. Start a Simple Exercise Routine 
1. Long-Breath Exercise
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